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Computational Linguist, Google

02022 – present | Mountain View, CA

I work on natural language generation (NLG) for the Google Assistant.

NLP Engineer Consultant, Lum AI

02020 – 02021 | Tucson, AZ

My contributions include writing grammars for extracting new types of causal arguments, developing an evaluation framework for entity grounding, and creating unit tests for new features, all for the DARPA Causal Exploration project.

Linguist Intern, Google

Summer 02020 | New York City, NY / Remote

I built an open-source text normalization pipeline using Pynini, a Python library for compiling finite-state grammars, to evaluate different approaches to normalization as well as the quality of existing data sets for a selection of low-resource languages of Africa. View the GitHub repo.

Chatbot Intern, Nextiva

Summer 02018 | Scottsdale, AZ / Remote

I used the Rasa toolkit to help develop a company-internal chatbot. Tasks included creating training data for the chatbot's language model and dialog model, running and comparing different models, and experimenting with new components for the chatbot.

Junior Linguist, Adecco at Google

02015 – 02016 | Mountain View, CA

I performed linguistic annotation, corrections, and data analysis for various NLP projects, including syntactic parsing, part-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition (NER), coreference resolution, word sense disambiguation, and text summarization.

See this Wired article for more information about the team I worked with.